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Low Code Machine Learning Integration For All Your Visual Content

APIs and GUI workflows empowering developers to integrate best-in-class machine learning into applications. No prior data science experience required.

Boon AI is a fully integrated suite of tools to handle the entire machine learning lifecycle.

We take the machine learning lifecycle further than anyone else in the market. The Boon AI platform handles every part of the process from source assets and application of ML Models,  through the storage and visualization of resulting metadata with a few lines of code and we do it at scale. 

Images, videos, and documents go in, massive amounts of valuable metadata comes out.

Data Prep & Ingestion at Scale

Automatically transcode images, videos, and PDF docs to vendor-ready formats and batch upload.

Multi-Vendor API Access

Mix and match features of the latest vision APIs from multiple providers to get what you need. 

Data Visualization 
& Faceted Search

Mix and match features of the latest vision APIs from multiple providers to get what you need. 

Custom Model Training

Train a custom model to make predictions that are not supported by the pre-trained models. 

Deploy Existing Models

Upload existing Pytorch models to use alongside pre-trained models from the major providers.

Expedited Development

Integrate ML-generated metadata apps you’re already using with our Python SDK and REST APIs. 

Leverage ML from major providers with just a few lines of code.

We abstracted away the thousands of lines of code needed to integrate cloud providers and utilize internal models so your teams can deliver results in a matter of days instead of months or years.



Built for developers…

Rapid R&D and Prototyping

Experiment with dozens of pre-trained machine learning models from major cloud providers and train your own in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.

Built For Engineers of All Experience Levels

No previous machine learning experience is required. The toolsets are designed to support engineers and data scientists as they crawl, walk, or run.

Fully Managed Infrastructure

Everything needed to train and run complex machine learning at scale is completely maintained by Boon AI. You only have to think about how you want to import your media and utilize the insights.


…focused on business goals.

Reduced Risk

The ability to prototype very quickly without subject matter experts drastically reduces risk in machine learning projects by allowing your teams to succeed or fail quickly.

Highly Specialized Talent Not Required

In 2020, the data scientist shortage grew to 250k making the hiring process nearly impossible. The platform is designed to allow your existing engineering team to succeed.

Reduced Overhead and Maintenance Costs

Owning and maintaining a machine learning pipeline requires specialized hardware and IT staff. The hosted software model saves time, money and allows your organization to ramp down easier

Common Use Cases

Enhanced Search

A major movie studio combined pre-trained object, label, text and speech detection models with their own custom models to generate metadata resulting in powerful search of their assets.

pre-trained model label bulk
Leveraging Pre-Trained Models To Create New Datasets

Powerful search and label tools layered on the insights from pre-trained models allow datascience teams to quickly create massive novel datasets.

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flagged harmful content
Content Moderation

Potentially harmful content can be flagged early and automatically through a combination of pre-trained and custom content moderations models.

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Boon AI is a Zorroa product.

Founded in 2014, Zorroa’s technology team brings over 100 years of experience to make AI and machine learning accessible for organizations of all sizes. Investors include Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund, and Iron Mountain.

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