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AI-Powered Dataset Labeling Workflow Using Boon AI

Leverage existing machine learning models to label tens of thousands of images in a matter of minutes.

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ML models

Choose pre-trained and custom models to apply to your data.

Boon AI offers dozens of pre-trained models from major ML providers, as well as the ability to train or upload your own. The results of these models will allow you to quickly craft searches for the images you are looking to label.

Combining analysis such as object detection, label detection and text detection with Boon AI’s proprietary image similarity search results in a powerful set of metadata that makes your imagery highly searchable.


Search for images matching your label’s concept.

Use Boon AI’s faceted metadata and image similarity search to find images matching your label’s concept.

label all images

Label all your images with a single click!

The streamlined labeling interface allows you to label all the results of the query at once.

Rinse and repeat! Move on to your next label, repeat the process, and create your dataset in minutes.

Want to see how AI-Power Dataset Labeling can speed up your training process?

Utilizing the insights from existing computer vision technologies images can be labeled thousands of times faster than manual processes. Sign up for our Early Access Program to try it out today.

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AI-Powered Labeling

Boon AI is a Zorroa product.

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AI-Powered Labeling

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